Woodinville, Washington
Golden Hearth LLC

The following are letters that we have recieved from our families:


 To: The Golden Hearth Angels,

Each time I come I am so very impressed by your kindness, joyfulness, and creativity in treating everyone there with respect and love. Thank you for sharing your gifts with my precious parents.



Priscilla and Staff of Golden Hearth

I am back in Seattle and adjusting to live without mother. Part of that is reflecting on this past year and remembering the wonderful times mother had at Golden Hearth. It was the perfect place for her, and I want to thank everyone for their kindness and love they showed mother. She was truly blessed as we were. I am so glad that she got to do all the fun things that were going on - Plays, Movies, and Outings. While you know we would have liked to be involved, it was great to know she was so well taken care of when we were not there.  Priscilla - Your medical knowledge and percistance in getting proper treatment was amazing. We could not have asked for anything more.  The beauty of the surroundings I know was a great comfort to Mother. The Yard, the holiday village, and everything else. Thank you all so much!



Dear Priscilla

Thank You so much for the excellent care you and your crew gave my father. He was very happy living in your home and felt loved and that all his needs were met. If you ever need someone to give a good recommendation for their prespective parents feel free to give them my number. Thanks again you gave my dad's last years an element of quality.



Dear Golden Hearth

 For the residents and caregivers of Golden Hearth, the kitchen is the center of their world: cooking and eating good food are interwoven into the fabric of their days.  Tea, coffee, fruit juice, and fresh-baked cookies are always available in between the delicious, home-cooked meals that spring from the generous and well-stocked pantry.  There are always fresh-cut flowers on the dining room table.  I know, because I have been a volunteer and certified cook there often.

   Meal times are not the only good times around Golden Hearth: the days are filled with moments full of the caring and concern of the owners and staff.  My mother-in-law has been a resident at Golden Hearth for three and a half years.  During this time, my husband and I have been frequent visitors at all times of the day.  In addition to the reassurance that our family member is being well-cared for, our involvement at Golden Hearth has given us a gift in return:  witnessing the grace and dignity of "Living in the Moment" reminds us that all our lives are composed of the threads of small moments that grow together to make the fabric of our lives.

  No where is the appreciation of small moments greater than in the words of Emily, in Thornton Wilder's play, "Our Town:"  ....clocks ticking...and Mama's sunflowers.  And food and coffee.  And new-ironed dresses and hot baths...and sleeping and waking up.  Oh earth, you're too wonderful for anybody to realize you."

   Emily looks toward the Stage Manager and asks abruptly, through her tears:  "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?---every, every minute?"

  At Golden Hearth, they live their minutes well......



Dear Priscilla


"I am thankful to know first hand the loving and compassionate care you and your staff are providing to her and the other residents. Even in the midst of sorrow and suffering, a sense of peace and love of live prevails.. praise God from Whom all blessings flow. I am so thankful the door was opened for me to come visit for a few days last week. The connection was one of inspiration, enlightenment, and seeing as well as participating in a connection o f love and reassurance. ... I will treasure the memories of being at the park at the lake, ...seeing her smile and even track my movements when I talked and showered her pictures, observing how you ask her her questions and was able to get her to respond so you knew what she wanted. It w as a joy to watch the staff in action and to participate with them in their daily activities, working with and exuding so much joy which is definitely contagious. I cherish the time we took her for a walk and let her feed the horses, and really appreciate the pictures you send out daily so others can be reassured of the quality of care their loved ones receive. You have created a first class operation running around the clock....."






Priscilla Kenney sent me an email saying you were considering moving your mother to Golden Hearth. I'm an internist with a primarily geriatric practice so I work a great deal with nursing homes, assisted care settings and family group homes. I have had considerable experience with Priscilla and her staff over the past 10 years or more. I have multiple patients living in her facility. Golden Hearth is always the first setting I would recommend for a patient wanting a family group home. Priscilla is absolutely impressive. She watches her clients very closely, interprets medical needs accurately and communicates extremely well. She hires very capable staff. Those who I know have been with her for quite a long time. If staff brings the patient in, they are well informed about the issues of concern and always have the patient's historical data well organized.

I also get the distinct impression that this is a joyful place. They travel, sing, play games, go on outings. I've seen lots of pictures of their activities over the years.


Sometimes family group homes are places where people bide time and slowly get worse. I have seen many examples of people doing just the opposite at Golden Hearth. Priscilla has really does wonders in rejuvenating patients who have been chronically ill or even neglected in other facilities.

I would always recommend Godlen Hearth as my top pick. I would recommend without reservation.



Kirkland, WA