Woodinville, Washington
Golden Hearth LLC

Golden Hearth Staff

We would like you to know our staff, they make our home a family! Our staff is certified: TB testing, Criminal Background Checks, CPR/AIDS/First Aide, Food Handlers, Dementia Training, Fundamentals of Caregiving(NAR)/HHA/CNA, Nurse Delegation, Diabetic Delegation, and Mental Health.


Owner and R.N.

Established Golden Hearth in 1996 after being a Home Health Nurse and seeing the care that was being offered. She wanted to introduce a home that gave people quality of life with a positive Staff:Resident ratio. She has been a R.N. since 1986. Her experience has ranged from E.R. to an I.V. infusion specialist. She has a vast range of medical knowledge that has assisted many of our residents and our residents' doctors. She lives on site at Golden Hearth with her husband Jeff.




Office Manager - Employee Since 2003

Daughter of Priscilla, has a B.A. in Liberal Studies and additional management and health care courses. She handles all of the employee paperwork and  additional activities!




Caregiver/Activities - Employee Since 2001

Aloha is a great at getting our residents motivated! She is fun loving, kind, and great at caring for our residents. She has been trained as a N.A., Dementia, Mental Health, and Fundamentals of Caregiving.




Caregiver since 2006 

Fergy has come back to Golden Hearth after living in California. She is a hardworking gal that truly cares about the residents at Golden Hearth.

Trained in Fundamentals of Caregiving, Dementia, Mental Health, and Nurse Delegation


RN -  Employee Since June 2005

Colleen worked with us in the beginning of her medical career. She is now a R.N. at Overlake. She continues to be the on Call RN when Priscilla is unavailable.  




Employee since 2008

Jen joined our team because of her compassion for those in need. She is a caring, fun, and patient caregiver and we are so happy that she has joined our family. She has a Bachelor of Arts and is trained in Fundamentals of Caregiving, Dementia, and Mental Health.





Melissa - Employee since 2011

Melissa has been with us since 2011. She has a kind heart and a gentle touch with the residents. We are lucky to have her as a part of our family.



Kim is our Manicure and Pedicure specialist. She comes to us bi-monthly taking time out from her Salon. She keeps everyones hands and feet beautiful and in great shape! She is always ready to chat and full of laughter.

If you are interested in a manicure/pedicure Kim can be reached at (206)551-1247



Moegly, Merida, Kona, Fish.... and sometimes PUPPIES!!

Animal Therapy!!





Employee since 2008

Elizabeth's(a former employee, now R.N.) mom decided to join our family. She is sweet and kind to everyone! She has completed all of her classes and works with us on limited part time.



Dane is Priscilla's son and is working on keeping the home and grounds safe and making sure all the details behind the scene run smoothly.

Yu (Brely) - Employee Since 2015 

Yu was a nurse in her home country but has come to pursue her education and career in the United States. She is currently a Certified Nurse Aide and has completed all of her additional training. She has a kind heart and positive attitude.

Chad - Employee since 2011

Golden Hearth is a family business! Chad is the son of Priscilla.  He attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and is now the full time Chef at Golden Hearth.

Maryanne - Employee Since 2016

Maryanne is pursuing her classes to graduate to a caregiver at Golden Hearth. She currently works in the Kitchen, Cleaning, and helping everyone with all of the extra's!


Tami is Priscilla's oldest daughter. She has been helping at Golden Hearth since 1996 while working as a social worker. This year she started to work full time to assist Priscilla in the daily floor operations of the facility.

Dmitriy - Employee since 2010

He helps out at at the facility on the weekends after working with Developmental Disabilities during the week. He is patient and kind and fun to be around.

Cindy - Employee since 2016

Cindy joined us and we have loved having her. She is a Certified Nurse Aide with all the credentials. In her extra time she is active in her church and community.